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The World of Warcraft Garona Server's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in The World of Warcraft Garona Server's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009
9:46 am
Yaaaay Garona love!

Name: Amy
Character name/class?: Tenebrelle / Night Elf Druid (boomkin!)
Guild?: Yuppers, Que Sera Sera
How long have you been playing?: Since August, 2006
What do you like the most about WoW?: Well I love raiding, I love that I have so many RL friends that play with me, but I also love rping... I just do that on other servers (Argent Dawn and Moon Guard). Oh, and I collect vanity pets like whoa.
Have any other hobbies?: RPing on LJ, heh. Also anime/manga/sci-fi/fantasy/horror/comicbooks
Have any alts?: Too many. Winch (gnome mage) and Nanao (gnome DK) are on Garona. Mokinwraith is a belf warlock on AD and Sylvalor is a belf DK on MG

Feel free to poke me in-game, just not between 7-10pm server time on Tues/Wed/Fri/Sun, since that's when we raid.
Monday, January 26th, 2009
12:10 am
i didn't know if i should post it or comment back :>
i'm so excited for this haha.
US server? D:

Name: Lily
Character name/class?: Riviera/Rogue
Guild? yespls :) Wyvern.
How long have you been playing? : uhm 8 months, but i played a few months years ago.
What do you like the most about WoW?: the lore. and the gameplay and depth. and the never ending array of things to do ahah.
Have any other hobbies? reading, playing with photoshop, singing :)
Have any alts? yeah, i have a lvl 40 hunter (Evilea) and a 55 death knight (aerathia) <-- haven't touched her since i made her hahahaha. too much lag on my computer :
Saturday, January 24th, 2009
11:00 am
Into maintainer post!
Hi! For all you people who might join, feel free to fill this application out, and I hope that you enjoy reading mine!

Name: Sabby
Character name/class?: Kalessa / Hunter
Guild? Yes, EndGame
How long have you been playing? : about a year and a half now.
What do you like the most about WoW?: The storyline. It's very interesting to read, sometimes I lose track of hours just reading stuff on WoWwiki, lol.
Have any other hobbies? I read, write, and tinker around on photoshop.
Have any alts? Yep, Tehlose, a 75 prot pally that was my main in BC, and Lovechile, a 20 enhancement shaman.

Oh, and welcome to the community everyone!

Current Mood: cheerful
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